Mo studied classical piano for 10 yrs, including a stint at university in Bachelor of Music performance. Soon after, he took up playing Hammond organ commercially with rock bands  and gospel groups.  He favoured R & B, soul, funk and gospel as his sound, but also played acid rock and other types of pop music. 

In the early 80s he worked with a gospel group whose leader and lead vocalists were out of Louisville. They did a lot of spontaneous music where the leader often moved into the next song on the fly. Nobody knew what was coming and it was up to the band to figure out the key and guess the chord progression or to try to create one.  At times they had never heard the song before.

Mo came to realize that there was a need for this ability to create accompaniment in the then burgeoning charismatic churches and made it the topic for his Masters in Education thesis project.  He wrote a small book on  how to play without music which sold in music stores. He also traveled to different cities teaching the material in weekend workshops. He later sold a simplified version of his Master’s thesis material as an e-book online. 

Mo has played a Hammond B250 organ / Leslie combination including doing all his own kick bass work for most of the past few decades. He has now built a German HX3 Hammond clone of a Hammond B3 and uses that exclusively.  The new organ is much superior to the old Hammond but is more than double the weight of the SK2, so only gets hauled on "serious" gigs.


Amplification for the HX3 is a Fender 135 Bassman and a Fitzmaurice Jack Lite custom built speaker that Mo also built. It houses a 100 watt, JBL Pro Series extended range 15".


He also uses a Hammond SK2 keyboard which provides organ, piano, and about 100 extra sounds


and a Numa Studio Logic Concert piano.


A SpaceStation V3 CenterPoint Stereo amp is used for the SK2 and the Concert. It provides 300 degree stereo equally to all areas of a venue from a single speaker and weighs only 40 lbs. It is supplemented on the bottom end with A Behringer Euro 1200 sub.





A gig of note was backing up blues legend Jim Byrnes as part of a pro band. You also may have heard him at Swans or other venues up and down the Island or lower mainland. 

Other bands you may have seen him with were Groove Shoes featuring Reinart Peterson from the "Q" radio station on guitar, Bruce Davies on bass (head honcho at Craigdarroh Castle), Bill Hope on drums, and Doug Edgar lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Blue Cadillac featuring Frank Alexander, Geoff Peterson, Ron Lukawitski, and Fraser Kerley; and SeaCruze featuring Fraser Kerley, Dave Pretty, and Raman McArthur. 

He is always interested in working with other musicians including country - chat him up and see what comes of it...