These are simple non-professional recordings made with a little Zoom recorder (sometimes on the wrong side of the stage for the organ – hence the relatively high level of the guitar) or conversely too loud organ, with no soundboard feed, but will give you some idea of the type of music involved – all of it improvised on the fly. The bass work has been done on the organ pedal board, other than when there was a bass player in the band. The excellent drummer ;) is off my iPod using iRealB.

Have just returned to playing piano while kicking bass after about 40 years of only doing organ.  The new Numa Studio Logic Concert is a joy to play though it is hard to hear how good the modelling is here. Video and sound was just recorded on an old Canon "Bloggie" pocket video cam donated by a more hip family member :)   Video of an old guy below under "Jazz".



These clips are from some gigs done on the mainland – and the International Gala for the Naturally Autistic Society with blues legend Jim Byrnes.



Fifty Dollar Fine

Jim Byrnes-One of These Days

Mustang Sally

Fifty Dollar Fine 2

Calling SanFrancisco


Classic Rock

Here is a link to some clips from a wedding at a country club played with only 2 rehearsals by a band put together for the occasion. Recorded by a guest on a simple video cam, it is dance music with a broad range of appeal across a large range of ages. Click on “audio clips” below the red V once you are on the Groove-Shoes site.



This is a clip of ordinary people worshiping together on a Sunday and using whatever musical talents they had as best they could. Most of the musicians were from Africa.

I Need You - featuring Rosalind Ononeze

Blessed Assurance



I actually do a lot of Jimmy Smith style Hammond stuff and standards, but for some reason have yet to record and upload much here.

Open the Eyes of My Heart

Mo on organ & bass, Dave McNeil on drums, Bill Pendray on sax.


Autumn Leaves - rehearsal rough cut

Mo on organ & bass, Dave Pretty drums, Fraser Kerley guitar, Raman McArthur lead vocals and rhythm guitar



Mo on organ & bass, Dave Pretty drums, Fraser Kerley guitar, Raman McArthur lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Scott Ramsey sax

When a Man Loves a Woman - rehearsal 1st take,